Bodie and doyle

Bodie and doyle
Hum ! Cette fille est louche : d'où proviennent toutes ces petites croix ? Where are all those stitches coming from ?

26 octobre 2011

Bellissimi blogs italiani

Voici quelques magnifiques blogs italiens :
Ecco qualche blog italiani molto belli :
Here a few beautiful italians cross-stitch blogs :

3 commentaires:

Giovanna a dit…

Thank you so much for this kind reference! I am quite humbled by the company in which you have placed me. Because of the click-throughs I have discovered your own blog and lovely stitching, as well as a couple of Italian blogs which I didn't know yet - thanks!

Cath a dit…

Superbes blogs, en effet!

Sandy (miss Potter) a dit…

Merci pour avoir inséré entre vos favoris, ce genre de réflexion, je suis flatté !

Bonne semaine :)