Bodie and doyle

Bodie and doyle
Hum ! Cette fille est louche : d'où proviennent toutes ces petites croix ? Where are all those stitches coming from ?

12 juin 2006

. J'ai attaqué la maison n° 2

Et voilà une nouvelle maison commencée : la numéro 2. Photo après 6h30 de "point après point" intensif à 1 fil de soie sur du 40 counts. Les yeux commencent à papillonner !
Here the start of the house number 2 (Houses of Hawk Run Hollow).
Ecco la casa numero 2 dopo 6 ore e mezzo di punti con un filo di sete.

3 commentaires:

Andrea a dit…

Your HoHRH is coming along nicely! Keep it up, you'll get there. It's so worth it, I am looking at mine on the living room wall every day :)

I am so in love with your Sonne Spotte finish!! That is in my stash to stitch someday. Did you use Gentle Art threads or DMC? I am trying to decide which to use.

Very nice blog :) Wish I could read it, good thing you have pretty pictures, lol!

Christine a dit…

Thanks Andrea,
I used Gentle art fibers. But i thought they would be more variegiated. I like it like that too!

gaetane a dit…

bon moi je parle français... j'aime beaucoup l'ouvrage que tu brodes en ce moment.