Bodie and doyle

Bodie and doyle
Hum ! Cette fille est louche : d'où proviennent toutes ces petites croix ? Where are all those stitches coming from ?

19 octobre 2007

. Dirkjen Franses ~1799 - Rang 3

Une petite photo du sampler pour vous montrer où j'en suis. J'aime bien faire ces petits ronds autour des lettres.

A small picture to show you the sampler progress. I love to stitch those little circles around the letters.

Una piccola foto per mostrarvi il mio progresso sul sampler. Mi piace molto ricamare le cosine tonde attorno alle lettere.

5 commentaires:

cece a dit…

j'aime bcp ces 2 couleurs ...

cedibo a dit…

bravo pour ces magnifiques et grands ouvrages qui ne te font pas peur, et que tu réalises à merveille!...... Céline

Zaza a dit…

Joli sampler !

Luckie a dit…

ouh la la ! j'avais du retard ! je vais allez lire tout ca !
apparemment ton voyage était bien !

samplerlover a dit…

Hi Christine,

Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

I have just enjoyed having a tour around yours. I enjoyed your trip to London. Its a long time since I have been there and France. I enjoyed all the samplers from the V&A. You also live in a beautiful town. It makes me want to pack my bag and book a plane. (well a girl can dream)

Congratulations on finishing HOHHR. It is beautiful. I found out that there is another one in the series coming out next year. Another one to go with Villages of HHR. - Sandra.