Bodie and doyle

Bodie and doyle
Hum ! Cette fille est louche : d'où proviennent toutes ces petites croix ? Where are all those stitches coming from ?

15 janvier 2010

. Enfin !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P1150002 Voici le dernier point brodé hier soir très tard pour terminer ce cher Barber Meins !!!! Enfin !!!! La photo de l’ensemble demain, quand je l’aurai repassé. A noter que j’ai déjà sorti quelques toiles, mon mètre et un certain “Mary Wigham”, histoire de combler la question existentielle du jour : et maintenant, je brode quoi (même si j’ai un bonne vingtaine d’en-cours dans un carton. Je pense que je vais d’abord devoir ranger les cartons avant. snif …)
P1150003 P1150006
Here is the very last stitch on my dear Barber Meins. At least !!! it’s finished since yesterday evening very late. You’ll have the picture tomorrow, after ironing.
You can notice that i’ve already picked up from boxes a few fabrics, my meter and a certain “Mary Wigham”, an alibi to justify the question of the day : “and now, what do i stitch ?” (even if i still have more than 2 dozens of wip and ufos in a box somewhere).
I think i should make order in my stitching room before beginning a new stitching…. but you know me …
Ecco l’ultimo puntino ricamato ieri sera sul mio Barber Meins. E stato fatto molto tardi !!
Avrete la foto domani quando avrò stirato il ricamo.  Si può vedere que ho già tirato fuori dalle scatole qualche pezzi di lino e un famoso “Mary Wigham”, modo di rispondere alla domanda del giorno “e cosa si broda adesso ?”. So che dovrei mettere in ordine la mia stanza prima ma… mi conoscete….

3 commentaires:

vitadolce63 a dit…

Che meraviglia questo ricamo...molto fine!!!Molto bello anche il lino che hai usato....buon week-end!!

Terri(TerriBoog) a dit…

I can't wait to see it in all it's glory, Christine. The color is just yummy! I know what you mean about wanting a clean space before you start something new, but sometimes, it just won't wait!

ParisMaddy a dit…

C'est magnifique. I love the blue color and your stitches are perfect.